08 January 2010

For those of you who want to recieve emails whenever I publish on the new blog head on over to http://www.disguised-blessings.com and at the bottom you will see a link to sign up for email updates - this way I'm not limited to how many people I can send updates to, and it's your choice or not!

This blog will be inactive starting February 1, 2010 so please change your bookmarks, readers, subscriptions, etc. to


Have a wonderful weekend!

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    ♥ Blessings are every where in our lives every day there are little things that mean a lot and sometimes we don't even notice them until we look back on the day. Memories and stories, arguments and tears - all bring blessings into our lives in one way or another. I do this blog so I can remember those moments and find the blessings that were once hidden in a normal sometime meaningless gesture ♥

    if we pay close attention we will come to realize that no day is the same as another as every morning brings with it a hidden blessing - a sweet morsel to cherish