30 October 2007

Earthquake Changing Events

So I experienced my first earthquake this evening... it was a 5.6... kinda freaked me out at first made my heart leap into my chest. But it really made me think about a lot of things that I need to do and prioritize in my life. I have had a lot of thoughts on certain topics and things have really hit home to me, things I would rather keep to myself. We have moved our office today and I have found out the reason why I have been so lethargic, dizzy, un-able to pay attention, stuffy, coughy, sneezy, and other symptoms that I have. When they moved my desk the whole wall behind it was covered with MOLD! That's right MOLD! It was gross, I'm going to make a doctors appointment to see if there was any damage done to my lungs and or what not. Hopefully I'll begin to feel better after moving from that office! I'm going to begin working on our 72 hr kits, I just think it would generally be a great idea. I really want to write more but I'm not really sure about what other than I hope there are no really bad aftershock/tremors.

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