17 October 2007


I should really make this one of those "good habits that you do before you go to bed" type of a thing. I haven't been updating about my days like I have really planned to. Since last week, Douglas left for Denver, I have to move our office, my friends cat had kittens, my cat is constantly meowing.. anyway.

Things are goign great though, although I miss my husband and it is causing me to eat more than I really should, but I'm doing good still losing weight, 11 pounds so far and have dropped my body fat percentage by a whole percent which is very exciting. How often do people look back in thier lives and really wonder? really wonder what could've been what might've been? I've done that lately and realized I couldn't be any happier than I am now had I 'taken' all those oppurtunities. I love where I am, I love who I am with, I love my life, and most importantly I'm begining to love me. Which is a great step seeings I don't think that I ever have, "loved me" before. I went and read my livejournal the other day, I haven't written in it for YEARS, since 2004 to be exact. I thought I was having the time of my life, little do I know, I wasn't. I have great friends only a few of them, but that's okay, it's the quality of them that is amazing. I realize the importance of having quality time to yourself and with your family, of growing close your Saviour (no matter the religion or who you are), of taking bubble baths are reading until you look like a prune, not being able to say, "I love you." enough to the ones you love the most. Understanding that it's the hard times in life that make us what we are, the times when we aren't the strongest help us to be stronger. This life is amazing, and no matter what we do everyday we are blessed beyond our own understanding but we need to keep a smile on our face and remember that times do only truly get better. They may seem more difficult and harder to bear, but think back to: If this happened 3 years ago would I be able to handle it as well as I am now? Realize that we are here living our lives for US, not the neighboors or the boyfriends, not the friend that needs you constantly. FOR US as individuals, and we need to be aware that although we can give our lives in service we need to focus on what is better for us and our families in the long run.

A little ramble for this afternoon. Hopefully I'll be able to to truly make this into a-what-you-do-before-bedtime type of habit. Good'ay everyone.

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Professor J said...

What a wonderful idea--blogging about your days as a meditative practice. I shall have to play with that.

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