20 December 2007

Christmas Shopping

A fellow blogger was in Atlanta recently and posted a picture of the tree at the Ritz. It really hit home and caused me to be a little homesick, I miss the week before Christmas of riding MARTA to the city and walking to Macys and the Hardrock Cafe in downtown, the city all decorated with Christmas, wherever you looked. We would then go to a good friend of ours' Law Office and have Hot coca and cookies. Shopping, singing, and having a wonderful time. All the buildings have trees on them i.e. Macy's, Rich's, etc.Just seeing the Christmas spirit everywhere there, and here I live in a place where they don't decorate hardly anything. The most decorated anything I have seen are a few sparse houses and apartment patios (mine included) as well as the Borders store.

I did have a good evening shopping tonight I finished buying all of Douglas' presents, I hope he likes them. I couldn't think of anything super spectacular to get for him. But I enjoyed shopping and buying him things that I know he will enjoy. I probably bought too many, oh well. During part of my outing I received a free gift for a certain amount of a purchase. They are beautiful, hand blown glass candle holders, it was that or a robe, of course I chose the candle holders, so then I had to go buy candles to put on the holders!
I can't leave out that this morning I had a vain moment. I loved how my hair looked so I took pictures of myself, yet again, and they are as follows:

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