22 May 2008


blink blink blink - I've sat here for I don't know how long once again watching the cursor blinking. I decided that instead of watching it for another hour or 6 I would just start typing and see where it took me.

Thought A - I'm tired of my work cell, every 10 mins or so it turns itself off and then back on, I think I'm going to go to sprint and complain for the THIRD time. I don't want a different phone I really like the one that I have, maybe I'll google it's problem and see if I can come up with any results.

Thought B - Douglas is coming home tonight for a few days! I am excited, I miss my husband a lot, more than I can even express into words, yet at the same time - it's weird. I haven't seen him for 3 months. I have my own schedule and eating habits and I'm going to have to 'change' them and start cooking more, which means grocery shopping - I.HATE.GROCERY.SHOPPING. It'll be strange to mesh together again, and then he'll leave for another month and be home for a couple years, which will be extremely wonderful! Then we'll have to figure out where to go and what to do as he will probably leave his company and we will probably (most likely, hopefully, can't wait to) move out of California - think I'm a little excited at this prospect? Which brings me to...

Thought C - Friends. You know the movies where there is a group of friends and they by each others side and help one another and whatnot? ie. Sex and the City, Friends, Catch and Release, PS I Love You, etc. I have that here, here in California something I never thought I would find. Yes I have great friends that are not part of this so called 'group'. But all my friends growing up have never 'known' each other or were at different ends of the spectrum (goth, punk, prep, goody-goody, shy) therefore we all never hung out together. I love the fact that I have a close group of friends; Kim, Dawn, and Ruth. I love them all dearly and to me they are family and I hope that in some way I can give back what they have given me. They lift me up, give great advice, make me laugh, keep me smiling when all I want to do is cry, keep my company when my love is away, these wonderful ladies welcomed me into their world and to them, I want to say "THANK YOU".

Thought D - Books. I need to read more, I love reading, I always have it just seems that lately I can't get into a book no matter what the material is, and that's not normal for me. Maybe I'm just too wrapped up into things that don't matter ya know? Like television, television, movies, and maybe some more television. I tell you that boob tube really sucks your life away sometimes. I am listening to "Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe" right now, I wanted to finish it before the weekend before Douglas comes home, we have the first movie I just wanted to 'read' the book before I watched it. Here are my books: My Book Blog.

I think that's about all I can think of right now besides I have a lot of stuff to do before going to lunch with one of our vendors and then getting to my page long To-Do list... I'll be on AIM all day if anyone wants to say hello: ambieschutz10x. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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