14 June 2008

Aieral Lift Training

I am now certified to operate aieral lifts! How exciting? I wasn't going to go at first and then I figured why not, it'll add to my knowledge and I've never turned down learning something new before. When we first got there I tried going up in the 19' indoor lift and couldn't do it, I was so scared.... I couldn't get up past 9 feet... we had our course and our lesson, where I asked this guy how you get over vertigo as that was what I was experiancing and he proceeded to show us a bunch of photos that he had taken from the underneath and atop the Golden Gate Bridge, I was amazed, so pretty much you just have to do it, so that's what I did. We then went outside and everyone was doing the big outdoor lift, and I asked Jim if he would come back inside with me cause I wanted to do the indoor lift with no one around to intimidate me, so we went in and I DID IT! I was so scared but I DID IT! Then we were went back outside and the instructor wanted me to get in to the big one and move the switches just to see how it felt, and I did and I kept going nd going it was so much better than the little indoor one. It was great! Here are a couple of pictures, these were taken in the process of getting higher.

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