20 July 2008

Weekend Update

I guess you could say I've had a pretty eventful weekend. Friday after Douglas and I both got home from work, we drove down south quite a ways (got a little lost on the way). When we got to Dave and Busters to celebrate Dawns birthday Douglas dropped me off while he went to find a parking spot. I opened the door and started to walk in and the bouncer (no one told me the grown chuckie cheese had a bouncer) stopped me and asked me for my ID... let me interrupt and say whenever I go out with Douglas I don't take my purse because I don't need it, as he has the cards and keys and whatever else we might need... yes, I proceeded to tell this to the so-called 5'6" 120lb bouncer. He said it didn't matter and kicked me out. I went outside and hysterically called Dawn and she and Dave (Kims husband) came out to get me, cause I apparently can get inside with a chaperone over the age of 30. We had a blast. I found I really like the coin drop game... if that's what you call it. Doug and I played for awhile and gave Dawn our tickets as it was her birthday.

Saturday, I finished painting the upstairs room!!! I'll post pictures when I have it all back together. Then we just read and hung out all day it was nice. Today we are driving to Roseville so I can meet my grandmothers nephew so he can give me all of my moms side family history! I'm so excited... I can't wait, that's the extent of my weekend.... not much of anything but hey it's something! Also, I really like www.ldsjournal.com ... it's a neat website.

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