19 August 2008

100 Reasons Why

♥To my husband on your special day, I wanted you to know how much I love you♥

1. You make me smile when I cry
2. You make me laugh when I'm upset
3. You are patient in all things
4. You are willing to help no matter the situation
5. You love me
6. You always know what I need
7. You are a hard worker
8. I love your hands
9. You want me to be better
10. You support me in all my goals and aspirations
11. You want me to be me
12. You know what I need even when I don't
13. I love the way you always cuddle
14. I love the way you shake your head when you want me to go away
15. I love your diligence
16. I love the way you smile
17. I love the many ways you make me laugh
18. I love that you always hold my hand
19. I love that you read to me
20. I love how you care for me when I'm not feeling well and will do anything to make me comfortable or feel better
21.You are caring and understanding
22. You never raise your voice at me even though I know you really want to
23. You love my family
24. You tell me I'm beautiful no matter what I look like
25. I love your sense of humor
26. You let me stick my freezing cold feet under you to get them warm
27. I love how you always open and have opened every door for me since we met
28. You like my cooking and always want me to do it more
29. I love how you always make me feel important
30. I love your hugs and kisses
31. You continue to spoil me even though it bothers you that I'm spoiled
32. You know I'm competitive and let me be that way
33. You have never fought with me, even though it makes me more angry, I love it and appreciate it
34. You haven't completely flipped out over my habit of purchasing more books than we will ever have space for.
35. Your smile triggers an endorphin release in my brain every time I see it
36. I love how everytime I think about you my tummy gets those little butterflies
37. I love how you are completely happy with yourself and who you are
38. You're my best friend
39. So trusting and non-judgemental
40. Always willing to go and do no matter the need as long as it will make me smile
41. While you're away and you can tell it's been a bad day you won't let me get off of the phone until you know I'm smiling
42. I love your lips
43. You loves me for who I am - the neurotic clean freak who is way too sensitive and way too hard on myself you are the complete opposite of me and love every bit of me
44. You love the gospel and try to live it the best you can
45. I love how we can talk without saying any words
46. I love that I get to fall asleep in your arms every night
47. You are the most amazing listener I know, and no matter how long I talk about the stupid stuff you'll always listen
48. You love me even if I don't wear any make-up
49. You never give up on me
50. You sing wonderfully, especially when you sing to me
51. I love the look in your eyes when you say, "I love you."
52. I love the geekish/nerdy side of you
53. I love the occasional email or random flowers to just say I Love You
54. I love your strange obsession for pizza type foods
55. Even if I hint I'm cold you bring me a blanket if I mention I'm thirsty you get me a glass of water
56. I love how you won't let me use a knife to protect me from chopping off another finger
57. You trust me
58. You are sympathetic and kind
59. I love how you make me feel complete
60. I love your ridiculous shirt collection (and no I don't poke holes in the armpits)
61. I love your strange obsession for Star Wars
62. I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you!
63. I love that you wear the crazy belt buckle (yes I secretly like it)
64. I love how excited you get during football and pomegranate season
65. I love the way you laugh silently
66. I love that silly smile you give me when I'm being ridiculous
67. I love the way you look in your suit
68. I love that you honor your priesthood
69. I love it when you have your goatee :)
70. I love how excited you get when you're fishing
71. I love how you watch my 15 mins of soap operas with me even though I know you hate it
72. I love when you do things for me even though you don't want too
73. I love when you grill out
74. I love how you eat my cooking even when it's gross
75. I love that we are sealed
76. I love that you take care of me
77. I love the way you love my cat, even though she could kill you
78. I love how you make me feel safe
79. I love that you know what I like and trys to get it for me
80. I love how you will cuddle up with me and watch my sappy girlie movies
81. I love that you're a gentleman and treat me like a lady
82. I love the way you discuss the gospel with me
83. I love sharing the same political view points
84. I love how family is important to you
85. I love when you tuck me in at night
86. I love my night night kisses
87. I love how you smell when you get ready for the day, or for me
88. I love how you kiss me and hold me when you haven't seen me in a while
89. I love your laugh, even when you're laughing at me
90. I love it right after you get your hair cut and you know you look good even when you won't admit it
91. I love how you clip your toenails over the trashcan and not the floor
92. I love how you do the laundry when you see it needs to be done
93. I love how you work hard to provide for me
94. I love how you don't complain when I continuously beg for kisses and hugs
95. I love the way you laugh silently when you don't want me to know it's funny
96. I love how we have the same ideals in our future together
97. I love how you always know the perfect thing to say at the perfect time I need to hear it
98. I love your silly side
99. I love all the adorable nicknames you give me
100. I love that you will always be mine and how you always try to work things out to make our marriage more complete and a little better than it currently is

But the most important thing of all is that I love you more than anything else in the world, and every day there are more and more reasons why I love you and how special you are to me, thank you for being my husband for eternity.

♥Your Wife♥

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