21 April 2009

Much More Much Less

For the past few weeks I have been on a decluttering kick, from everything from the house to my soul and everywhere in between. This week I have made 2 trips to DI, cleaned out a whole room {3 if you want to be technical}, started to decorate and organize again. I love my new work space, that hubs is scared to share with me, I'm not sure why.

I've started opening the blinds {well I did until the weather started to get so hot that I have to keep them shut to keep the house somewhat cool} more often, reading more, cleaning more {probably too much, but you can never clean too much can you?}. I went through my RSS Reader in Outlook and I had subscribed to over 150 different life stories of people, so went through and cleaned it out.. now I'm down to 138... {sssh, I know, "Really? That was cleaning it out?"} Yes, yes it was.

Our most recent decision was to cut Comcast from our lives. We were paying {and going to be paying more when our promotion ended} way too much for what we had {DVR, HD, Internet, Phone, Extra Reciever} We only had 200 channels and had to pay for our modem rental and extra receiver unit, with AT&T we will be getting all the movie channels, over 400 regular channels, all the sports channels, HD Access, DVR {that can record 4 things... just what I really need - that's right 4} Internet - all for about $50 less a month than currently! How excited am I? Extremely, only downfall is I have to watch everything I have recorded on the DVR by tomorrow night... not sure how I'm going to accomplish this, but I will. {and I have to clean my room so the cable man can do his thing}.

Hub and I went to Jeff Dunham on Saturday, I have pictures that I will post later on... life is busy but it's a simple busy. Our talks on Sunday went great, and it finally felt like we were part of the ward... only took us a year!

Anyone know of cheap tickets? I'm very ready to go back...

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