11 April 2009

Simple Saturday

Today has been a great day. Sleep In. Grocery Store. Motorcycle Ride. Nap. Lunch. Playing with Images. Movies. Very Saturday'y!

However, people look at you funny when you pull into a Costco parking lot on a motorcycle. We just needed gas, but driving through the parking lot just to have people look at us thinking, "I think they left their side car at home."

I will be cooking my first Easter Dinner since being married! I decided on it when I was in Costco (the first time). Ham - Brocolli w/ Hollandaise - Mashed Pototatoes - and Cinderella is going to bring a leg of Lamb to cook, and we'll figure out a "dessert" later.

Off to cook dinner for the Mr. Hubs - he wants Ramen. How did I get so lucky?

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