29 May 2009

Am I Still Breathing?

We've been so busy lately it seems I need to remind myself to breathe. Since the beginning of May we have been actively searching for a home to purchase. Meeting with Lenders talking to Banks - looking at homes, peeking in windows, trying to fathom the crazy things people do to their homes and if we can fix it {or if it is worth fixing}. Saying our goodbyes to our ward, friends, and people we know in the area.

We were focusing on living somewhere in the Sierras but have decided on a cute little town here in Nor Cal, which we are excited about.

We are in our lease until the end of next February, so we have to figure out when our new move out day will be so our landlord can show the property to future tenants. I wish we could just give a 30 day notice - maybe we can. I would rather do that then set a date, say we give a formal 'lease breaking' letter saying we will be moving out August 1 - and we don't find anything or closing escrow by then, or end up not purchasing a home right now? Then where would we live? I know it will all work out it is just a new unknown process that is very exciting but equally frightening at the same time.

Douglas new shift hours are 7am - 7pm and he leaves at 6 and gets home at around 8 so I hardly see him but for a couple hours at night {don't get me wrong this is much better than not seeing him at all}. Our weekends have been jammed with Baseball games, house hunting, driving, and when we can laundry. So we are both completely exhausted all the time and hopefully when all this is said and done it will all be worth it. Considering after we move I will be changing my work hours {keep fingers crossed} from 5 eight hour days to 4 ten hour days and I will also be adding a new 2 hour drive to work and a 2 hour drive home... so I will be away from our new home from 5am - 7pm. But I will have 3 day weekends every weekend.

But we are around and we are alive... just very very busy - so I'm warning you now there probably will be very little updating for awhile at least until we find a new place or something major happens in our lives....

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Mecham Family said...

Hey Amber - you are the super blogger!! I love it!!!

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