05 June 2009

Dreams, Goats, and Saturdays

What's it like to have a weekend? You know those days where you can sleep in do copious amounts of chores lounge around and enjoy the day, take a drive to see the crazy animals roaming around your husbands job site, cleaning with the windows open and great music on. Sundays going to all three hours of church, it's been awhile, and even though we were released from our callings only to find out that will be staying was a little painful last Sunday but I am excited to go back to Sunday School and Relief Society - but I sure will miss 'Primary Idol' and 'Weeping Mothers' and the wonderful spirits of the children. This weekend there will be laundry to do and floors to clean, I also need to clean the front room, it's beginning to look like a mail center! And spend it playing Sims 3 with the husband.

Speaking of crazy animals, at Douglas' job site they have a ton of weeds and tall grass, well it costs too much to have someone continually come out and mow and by state law during fire season you can't have them above 4" tall, so this was the solution

Can you find the motorcycle? So apparently they lost control of the goats when they moved them from their pen, {side note: they have over 600 on the site} you can't see the collies in these pictures but from what I hear they are mighty fine goat herders, much better than humans :) Douglas thought it was funny that they all escaped until they surrounded his bike, maybe they thought it was just an oddly colored goat?

What a fun time. Cinderella and I made homemade pizza last night, I've never really liked homemade pizza and for that reason have never made it, well let me just say that the pizza we made last night changed that for good, I don't think we will ever be purchasing pizza again, the from scratch crust was unbelievable! We made a pepperoni and a chicken/artichoke with fresh mozzarella so much tastier and so much cheaper! I was amazed. I can't get over how delish the crust was.

For the past 3 days I have been doing so great with eating and exercising, I really do feel like a new person, I feel so great. My skin looks better and I'm not as tired as I usually am. I'm ready to change, finally - it only took me forever to figure it out. So I joined SparkPeople and I LOVE it! It's a great website either for weight loss or just maintaining a healthy lifestyle I recommend it to anyone.

Have a terrific weekend everyone!

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