14 August 2009

Fix It Friday: #24 Window To The Soul

I love Fix-It-Fridays! Here are my edits and head over to iHeartFaces.com to see more wonderful creative edits!

{Original Image}

#24 Window To The Soul 

{My Fixes}

#24 Window To The Soul 2

#24 Window To The Soul 3

#24 Window To The Soul 1

#24 Window To The Soul 4

One thing today worth mentioning… I dropped my camera and busted it… not the best day ever but now I can purchase that SLR I’ve been saving up for! Super happy about that. Have a terrific weekend!


Mecham Family said...

Hey Cus - I love your Blog Format - it's so advanced. How do you do it? I'm in awe. Can you tell me how to widen the format? Mine has all the black space on the sides. Thanks for the pics of our kids too - loved them! ~Mike

Jessica said...

lovely edits! I really like the tones and texture in the last one :)

Thank you so much for your kind words today :) Everything you mentioned is exactly what I strive for in my photography. I am delighted that you can see it in my images. You made my day :)


btw...I LOVE your blog!

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