12 September 2009

My 2009 Fall Line-Up



I’m so excited about this falls line-up but even more excited that some of my ‘regular scheduled programming’ is back! So in addition to the regulars there are some new additions this fall which I’ve watched and well…. here are my thoughts.

Drop Dead Diva
Hilarious, I love it. It’s clean, witty, ‘different’ (term loosed loosely), happy, light, cute, and highly addicting. I love how it is literally a ‘skinny woman trapped inside a fat girls body’ ha! Deb – the thin model girl that is stuck inside of the ‘Lane Bryant’ bodied Jane keeps her memories as well as she gets Jane’s smarts, and is now a lawyer. She works with her boyfriend (who was going to propose before she died, Deb that is) and keeps her happy bubbly attitude but has a whole new outlook on different problems that pass her way. It gives you a new outlook and a way to see around problems that appear in our lives.

The Vampire Diaries
Love it! Love it! Love it! Well it is reminiscent of Twilight, okay it’s more than reminiscent… but I love it. Elena, the main character, reminds me and looks like a young Teri Hatcher. In reference to it being like Twilight, there is a Vampire boy, a human girl interest for him and they are more than likely going to get together… but the main difference is it seems more ‘mature’ the Vampire actually seems to act like a Vampire (except he goes out into the sun), and there are actual Vampire attacks! (which I’m sure there will be in the Eclipse movie). But I am enjoying it so far and hopefully it will stay on the same path it’s on. I do have to say I like the fact that they burn instead of sparkle…

This is a toss-up for me, I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. I might watch one more episode but I don’t understand the hype behind it – it’s annoying and simple yet at the same time it is funny. I defiantly don’t think it’s a ‘teenager’ show and actually can’t believe some of the things that are okay to be on television these days. So we’ll see.

Melrose Place
Not sure about this one either – maybe an adult version of 90210? Mind you I never watched the original 90210 or Melrose Place so I wouldn’t know. Ashlee Simpson isn’t that great of an actress IMO but can I resist a show with great clothes, nice cars, and a murder mystery? No, I cannot. So it will still record and I will still watch it.
*** ** * *** * ** ***
So those are the new shows I think that I have watched… I’m not sure but it is what I can remember, but I do know that it’s about all Mr. B can take in one sitting. even though he sits in his comfy chair with his headphones on and ‘says’ he’s not watching I know that he is, especially when I miss a part of the plot and he fills me in on it – but he’s not watching. :)

New layout? Yes, apparently I can’t keep my interest that long, and I wanted something light and refreshing, bright and happy. So this is what it is, even though it’s fall. I’m just trying to figure out a clever cute header – any suggestions? Oh, and before I forget….

Great way to start the season COUGS!

Oh, and if you were interested… this is what we watch:

  Castle, The Mentalist, Drop Dead Diva, Melrose Place, Greek, Gossip Girl, The Amazing Race, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Chopped, Hells Kitchen, 90210, America’s Next Top Model, Top Chef, So You Think You Can Dance, Glee, The Vampire Diaries, Community, Parks & Recreation, Project Runway, The Hills, Food Network Challenges, The City, Dollhouse, NFL Football, College Football, The Game Show Network, Burn Notice, Chuck, Scrubs, Lie To Me, Make it or Break It, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Rules of Engagement, Saturday Night Live, Royal Pains, Robot Chicken, and whatever comes in our Netflix queue or movies that catch our eye… I think that’s it…. (and by we I usually mean me… Mr. B gets a lot of video game time in during primetime fall…)


Also, just found out they cancelled Reaper?! Samantha Who?! My Own Worst Enemy (found out about that one a while ago, still makes me mad)?! People, just leave good TV on TV and stop making shows like Glee (even though I’ll watch that too)…

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