16 October 2009

When Do We Really Grow Up?

The black silhouette of the hills against the cream colored sky that faded into a dusty midnight blue with the splendid crescent shaped thumbnail moon not far above. It was a beautiful drive into work this morning as I saw the sky change from black to different shades of blues and violets to pinks and yellows and back to blue again.

When do we realize who we are as people? I was thinking back to this post I wrote and realized that it is changing every day. Who I thought I once was isn't who I am today, and it's not going to be who I am tomorrow. So when do we finally realize what we like and what we don't like. When do our tastes stop changing? Or are they consistently growing and evolving like our minds, bodies, and spirits do? So far I have learned the type of music that I really like, I don't know the genre of it nor can I figure it out. I suppose it would be called singer/songwriter folk pop?! (Oh how I humor myself at times). There are a ton of things that I have realized that if I pay attention to what I'm doing I don't really like it, I just do it, like a trap I'm caught up in.

The books I like to read is changing. I used to be a true crime reader which has evolved more into simple comedic mysteries then turned into more romantic comedy/drama books and now I find myself reading Newbery books and the Bronte sisters, Jane Austen, and one day Proust and the classic classics (you know the old ones), we'll see, we shall see. So my life and likes and dislikes are continually changing.

I have been listening to podcasts latly and I LOVE them, there are a few of them that I listen to that I like but anyway I was listening meet the author AJ Jacobs, and someone asked him why he does the experiments and he got off subject talking about his rational experiment that he did were he made every choice the rational way and learned new things about him. I want to do the same thing (to an extent) I want to know that I really like the things I do, see, hear, want - and if not that I can change it to something that I do like and enjoy. The first thing? I don't like minty chemically toothpaste. I like the natural stuff. Think I'm weird - I'm OK with that, and me saying I'm OK with not caring what people think because I like it, and it doesn't matter is a HUGE step for me.

On other topics I know that I said I would have my living room painted and new drapes hung, obviously that hasn't been done yet. I have been feeling down for the past little while (health wise not mentally *well most of the time anyway*) and the laundry, decorating, grocery shopping parts of my brain seem to have deteriorated away into empty space. So come to find out I have a bronchi infection which has "spread" to my nose and ears. So I'm now on an inhaler and antibiotics, and after two days I'm feeling better other than my extreme need for sleep my my extremly weak limbs. But anyhoodle - this month in almost two weeks I will purchase paint and begin the process - so continue to wait patiently and it will happen.

As far as Mr. B and I? We're great couldn't be better, nothing new to talk about as we just work, eat, sleep. Repeat continually.

Now that I'm feeling better I'll be back more often!

Next: What I learned this week likes & dislikes.

1 comment:

Tia said...

i feel like we're always evolving.

i like things that i didn't like years ago, and then some of my interests i can't be bothered with anymore.

change is good, for the most part, i think. =)

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