02 November 2009

Newness at Work

I love my new office, it's fantastic. I had flowers on my desk this morning from the manager I was replacing, they are beautiful pink roses and put a fantastic smile on my face. I have a large window that overlooks the city I work in as well as I-680.

The only overwhelming part is the organization...

There is a lot the needs to be gone through and re-done. But it's exciting, I have this strange obsession with organization. I will re-organize something over and over again just because I have nothing left to organize, and then pretty soon it is organized 'perfectly' (yes, I said it) and then I'm sad because there isn't anything left to organize. (I'm trying to see just how many times I can say the word organize... 7 so far, right?)

Anyway, today is filled with organization and a lot of things to learn, just as an eye opener, I went from 432,000 square feet to 953,000 square feet of facilities. So every week I am dealing with almost 1,000,000 square footage of problems (there aren't always problems in every square foot but there are always problems).

So wish me luck on this new journey of mine, what was I thinking?!? I'm still not quite sure. It's not very refreshing either when talking to head HR in SLC and after informing them what is going on, they say - "Don't you know how to say 'NO'??"

So we'll see how long this lasts.

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