08 August 2007

Promises Promises

Well I decided that I needed a jumpstart into this whole lose weight thing, like looking like a blimp isn't enough. But Doug and I have decided that when I loose 100 pounds (that is so much weight) that we are going to go on a cruise. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to do this or how long it will take me, but I AM going to do this. Work has been all sorts of crazy. Audits I have to take care of at places that aren't my office, etc. Home life is great. Douglas is wonderful, in fact he's pretty terrific. He leaves to go to a job site sometime, not sure when, but it'll be interesting to have the house to myself for a while. We are getting sealed in Oakland on the 29th of September, which we are both very excited about! I'm so tired, I've been reading again, it's good to read, but not when you feel like you can't set the book down. Speaking of books, on Monday nights I hang out with a close friend, Kim, and we usually always spend 2-3 hours in Borders / Barnes and Noble. And we decided that we are starting our own book club, right now it's just us two, if anyone would like to join us via blog, we would love to have you! We are goi nto do an array of books: Fiction; Non-fiction; Mystery; Biographical; Classics, just pretty much whatever. We are doing it a bit differently though, we chose books based on first letter of authors last name, i.e.: barbara Adams - month one; june Betts - month two; Abby Cleaver - month three, etc. Does that make sense? So for this month, since it's the first book we are doing it is: "You had me at halo" by: Amanda Ashby. Suggestions would be loved as well!

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