19 September 2007

Gloomy Day

Here I sit with a half finished stack of papers on one side of the desk and a Bid Project on the other, both need to be completed...but the window behind me is telling me it's time to go home grab a blanket and a book and read. I love the rain and I absolutly love this weather, I just think I liked it more when I didn't have to be behind a desk... :/ Douglas comes home on Thursday, I am very excited about that! YAY for husbands who come home :). I don't know why but I have a thing with the "keyboard smilies" I make them all the time, oh well. WW is going great, I feel better, I'm extremly tired but that's understandable. I totally forgot that today I am babysitting my cousins boys



They are the most adorable little boys. Braxton calls me "Amburger" which isn't the first time I have gotten that. I absolutly love both of them. Bennett is 7 months and Braxton is 2.5. Thier mom is pregnant again with a little girl and she is due in February of 2008 so that would make MiaBella (the new baby) and Bennett 1 year apart. She has the same due with with Mia as she did with Bennett, just one year later. I can't wait! So anyway.... I totally forgot that they were coming and I need to vaccum and pick up a little bit, so I'm hoping I can sneak out of here a bit early, they are planning to meet me at my house at 1600, which is when I get home... so we'll see how it goes, maybe I'll just clean while they are there. If you can't tell I am excited. Nothing else new is going on, except for the weather is starting to cool off and I'm ready to get all bundled up! I lost a little over 2 pounds in a day! That's SUPER exciting.
My Goals:
SW: 234
EW: 115
Halloween: 225
Start New Year: 199.
What I wouldn't give to be in the 100's at the beginning of the new year! I know I can do it, it's just a matter of self-discipline. Well, off to finish these piles, at least before I go to lunch in an hour!

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