17 September 2007


I feel like a new woman today! I had a great day at work... went to the dentist where I found out I have to have a gum graph done on my bottom K-9 teeth... OUCH! I am not looking forward to this at all... oh well. So my gums hurt from being poked and prodded at for an hour and a half. Then I went and joined a gym worked out then went to weight watchers, I am besides myself with motivation and will power to drop this disgusting weight! Tonight I watched the Eagles vs. Redskins :( Made me almost cry, okay maybe not.. but did upset me that's for sure. The Eagles are so much better than that! Oh well a fan is a true fan no matter what they are going through you gotta stick by them don't ya!? My boss is gonna give me crap about that tomorrow, at least it was a good game.

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    ♥ Blessings are every where in our lives every day there are little things that mean a lot and sometimes we don't even notice them until we look back on the day. Memories and stories, arguments and tears - all bring blessings into our lives in one way or another. I do this blog so I can remember those moments and find the blessings that were once hidden in a normal sometime meaningless gesture ♥

    if we pay close attention we will come to realize that no day is the same as another as every morning brings with it a hidden blessing - a sweet morsel to cherish