06 September 2007

Life is interesting, the more you seem to get accomplished the more that seems to fall on your plate! For the next couple of months and for the past 2, I have been pretty much living alone, except for that occasional day that Douglas comes home from work. Yet I still can't find the time, motivation, or energy to do anything. I am going to the temple tonight with a good friend that I met shortly after I have moved here, and I am excited about that. I am completly exhausted and would love nothing more than to go home and sleep. I've been at work for 2 hours now and once again accomplished nothing, not that I have that much to do, I just don't feel like doing it. Which is an awful attitude to have especially since I work for the church and am paid with tithing money. I love my job greatly. I just have been wiped out and have had no motivation to do anything. My apartment is clean, and I just have a ton of laundry to fold, I'll do that tonight while watching Big Brother, I don't know why I like it so much, it's actually kinda stupid as more of the people leave each week. I can't wait until the apartment complex gets the gym done I will be there for an hour everyday, and it's free. So my rent is pretty much gym, house, pool, handy man, and terminex fees. :) Makes the rent a bit less I suppose. I really feel like I could lay down right now and take a nap, a VERY LONG nap. I slept really well last night. It's sad though, I'm getting more used to sleeping without Douglas, so when he is home, I can't get comfortable, nor do I sleep very well. I guess I should get to work, update later.

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    if we pay close attention we will come to realize that no day is the same as another as every morning brings with it a hidden blessing - a sweet morsel to cherish