13 November 2007

Denver Trip

So I haven't been very good at updating this weekly, life does get in the way! Last weekend I went and visited Douglas out in Denver and had a very lovely time! We visited my favorite people in Castle Rock (best area of my mission) and went to the ESPN Zone at the 16th Street mall in Downtown Denver, with Davy and Shannon, they are a very adorable couple!
We had an absolutely wonderful time! As I was getting ready to come home Douglas recieved a phone call saying that he would going home with me! How excited I was! So he came home the following day and has been here ever since, until he goes back sometime after Thanksgiving, which I'm not looking forward to, but it is his job what can I do? Nothing much new or interesting is going on with us. The apartment complex management is making us get rid of our charcoal grill because it is a "danger", Douglas is very disappointed in that. That's all for my little update today, hopefully more when I start taking more pictures and have some "eventful" things happen in our life :)

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