08 November 2007

Fallen Out Of The Habit

Okay so I suppose it was never really a habit to begin with. Nothing much new has been going on in my life, just the day to day everyday nothing new monotony that we call life. I go to work go home watch either football or basketball, depending on who is playing. Douglas will be home now until after Thanksgiving, which is great, except for the fact that we have to get used to living together again. I made pork chops and green beans with some butternut squash last night for dinner, it was very yummy even though it took 2.5 hours to cook the squash! I am trying to get caught of on my reading and for those of you that visit my book blog you will know that I have 105 books left to read which is kinda funny actually if you really think about it. I have one book in my desk at work, one book in the car, one book in the living room, and one book in the bedroom - so no matter where I am I have no excuse to pick up and read a book! You know what I figured out yesterday I'm 24... all this time I have been telling people that I was 23, I didn't think you were supposed to loose your mind until after hitting 30 something (my mom used to watch that show, I hated it). We are all settled into our new office all settled in except for our phone and fax lines of course. Drama with the phone companies. I look cute today if I had my camera I would take a picture. Anyway, enough of my ramblings, time for me to go...

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Joel McDonald said...

That's alright...I keep saying I'm 22...and I turned 23 in September!

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