27 November 2007


I'm going to try once again in my life a once a week update so here it is for this week, which should really be called this month, maybe it'll end up being a monthly thing. Douglas and I are doing really well. He has been home for a couple of weeks which has been truly wonderful, and I am sad to say that he will be leaving again in the near future to go back to Denver, hopefully he'll be home for Christmas, if not, then I'll be having it in the mile high city.

We had a beautiful Thanksgiving Dinner, thanks to Mike and Heidi for inviting us, it was the prettiest table I think I have ever possibly seen! It was very yummy and the company was wonderful! So here are a couple of pictures from that occasion:
"Table Fixin's"
"Bennett and Lovey"
"Braxton and his HUGE Candy Cane"
We went and had our "yearly family" photo taken they turned out cute so be looking for them. Also, I believe next year we will get them done way before Christmas so I don't have to use the Christmas background, it is defiantly not my favorite. I have had a lot of health tests run in the past week and am waiting on the "conclusion" from the doctor, which I don't know when there will be a conclusion, but we keep praying and hopefully one will be found soon. Minnie is doing great, losing weight, yes mom I have put her on a diet, she did need it, she weighed 11lbs and she should only weight about 6.

Our weekends have been football filled which is great except it interferes with basketball... I'm not sure how I feel about that seeings how I like basketball I think maybe a "tad" better than football. GO WVU, BYU, Eagles, 49ers, Jazz, Spurs, Kings, Dolphins, and all the other teams I have recently became a fan of. I am so excited that my Mountaineers will be playing the National Championship game! Go White and Slayton!

We wish everyone the best and hopefully if I remember I will update again on the 27.

♥ Douglas &Amber ♥

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