07 January 2008

Brand New Year

Dear Family & Friends,

It is time for a brand new year to start, new goals to make, new things to accomplish. I love this time of year to really sit and evaluate where I/We are and where we want to go and how to go about getting there. This past year has held many wonderful events for us; moving into our first apartment, visiting loved ones, the Sealing of Douglas and myself, surpassing the one year of marriage mark, new jobs, new friends, and new life experiences. In this upcoming year we hope to purchase a house and go back to school. We hope to take a cruise towards the latter part of the year as well as go to Disney and some other things. We are very much looking forward to 2008!

Douglas is still currently in Colorado freezing his tail off but loving every minute of it. He believes that job will be done before February. And who knows where he will go from there. (Hopefully home). My Christmas dinner turned out pretty good if I do say so myself, just as a funny story I took the ham out and was so excited that I didn't overcook it and that it wasn't burnt or anything, and Douglas was bummed that it wasn't burnt! He likes the crispy outsides. So I finally think I did a great thing by not burning the dinner and I should have! He had a very great Christmas as did I.

I am doing well loving every minute of my job as well, even though it makes me want to scream sometimes. But I love everyone that I work with and I love what I do. I don't have much to say about myself other than that because basically I don't do anything. I have a few personal resolutions which I will be doing, but this year I believe that I will be doing a yearly "month at a time" type of resolution, commit to a month, do it, evaluate it at the end, and revamp or whatnot and commit the the next month and so on. I think that this break down will be a lot easier to keep up with.

We hope everyone had a great and wonderful holiday season and a wonderful start of the New Year! I will be posting a couple of pictures this evening when I get home from work, so be sure to check back.

♥ All Our Love - Douglas & Amber ♥

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