09 January 2008

Welcome To 2008

I've thought a lot about this new year these first week. There are so many things I want to do and change that I feel a bit overwhelmed at times. Those of you that read The Family Blog know that this year I am doing monthly-year resolutions. I have never been one for Resolutions, sure I would write down a couple of things that everyone in the world writes down to work on and then never look at it again, never changing who I am or helping myself get better. This year I have really began to feel like an adult, a real live adult who needs to start making changes and becoming that adult. As I was reading many different entries on various blogs at the beginning of this great year, one really struck my eye, as her blogs tend to do. She wrote a great entry on how she goes about setting and accomplishing yearly changes (I substitute the word change for Resolution as in my eye, that is truly what they are). In quoting her she said, "Then I find my self making lists (both in my head and on paper) which I then check with the Lord before applying to my life. If I don't clean house spiritually as well as temporally on a regular basis I find that I loose sight of what is really important, and I drift." How insightful is that? I have never thought to take those so-called Resolutions to the Lord in order to change my life and see what direction He would have me go in. I am in the process of doing my self-inventory and I am quickly seeing many areas I want to improve, not only improve but also things I want to accomplish or begin this year. Hence the feeling overwhelmed with things that I need to download to my life. Some of them are very personal goals and others are not. I am taking the month of January to evaluate and prioritize all that I want to accomplish and start with the first couple in February.

On to other random updates to my life, I have my MRI on my knee this afternoon, I hope it isn't anything seriously wrong with it. While we are on the topic of medical situations. On Saturday I dropped off a prescription for an anti-inflammatory. I went back to this particular drug store 2 hours later and they lost the prescription, they found it approx 30 mins later while I waited and said that it hadn't been filled because the doctor didn't put an amount of pills on the prescription, they said they would have to wait until Monday to call him because his office was closed, which I understand and that was fine, they said they would call me when it was ready to be picked up I then gave them my new phone number and left. It is now Wednesday and I hadn't heard anything back so I called them this morning and they looked up the prescription and said it had been ready since Monday... hmmm should I change Pharmacy's? I'm thinking so.

Today has already been filled with drama - one of our buildings was broken into and vandalized. So I've been on the phone with insurance companies and things all morning and trying to find someone up in that area to go take pictures and file a police report, you would think that it wouldn't be that difficult, well it is. I'm thinking I should go up and take care of it myself, hopefully not as it is about an hours drive up the bay to the city where the building is located.

I wish everyone a wonderful New Year and I promise I'll begin regular blogging at some point in my life.

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