29 January 2008

Spouse Survey


what is his name? Douglas Myron Barber
how long have you been together? 4 years
how long did you date? Dated 6 months, Mission 19 months, Married a little over a year
how old his he? 27
who eats more? Dougas
who said i love you first? Douglas although I can't remember when it was.
who is taller? Douglas
who can sing better? Douglas has a great voice
Who is smarter? Douglas
who does the laundry? Douglas
who pays the bills? I do.
who sleeps in the right side? Looking at the bed Douglas
who mows the lawn? We don't' have a lawn, but it would be Doug
who cooks dinner? Both of us off and on
who drives? when we are together, Douglas
who is more stubborn? Most defiantly me
who kissed who first? He did.
who asked who out first? Douglas did.
who proposed? Douglas
who has more friends? Me
who is more sensitive? Mostly me.
who has more siblings? Douglas - 6 Me - 2
who wears the pants? He does when he does the laundry... j/k we share.

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