09 March 2008

New Home

♥ Family and Friends ♥

Welcome to a new month! It has already started off pretty good. We are in our new place and we are loving it! Douglas has mowed the yard and seemed to enjoy it! (at least I hope he does)
I love my new kitchen that I have room to cook in and experiment, Douglas was very happy when he found out I would be cooking a third dinner meal in a row!

Minnie enjoys going outside and looking around and laying in the grass, although she eats the grass more than she lays in it. There are only a few boxes left for me to unpack and put away before everything is done so I take it a day at a time, especially since my knee isn't doing right. I have physical therapy on Mondays and Thursdays and it's going well. They had to do a lot more than just remove part of my medial meniscus, but I won't go into details as I am finding it grosses some people out. But it is doing as it is supposed to, just taking a while to heal.

Things left to do at home:

1. Paint Kitchen/Living Room
2. Paint Upstairs Bedroom
3. Unpack and organize remaining boxes.
4. Hang things on walls.

Douglas left for New Orleans last Wednesday and he will be there for approximately 6 weeks, I will be going to stay with him for a weekend sometime soon. Then he should be here for a long while, which will be great to have him home and to be a normal married couple again. We wish everyone the best!

Also, we wanted to CONGRATULATE Heater and Kevin
on thier new addition, #2 Boy, Ayden Keith Garvoille. Born March 5, 2008 weighing 7 pounds and 6 ozs.

♥ Love Douglas & Amber ♥

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