09 March 2008

Long time coming....

It has defiantly been awhile, but I have moved and had surgery so it's okay.

I am completely in love with our new home, it is wonderful. The town I live in is so great. I wish I would have found an apartment here last year when we were looking, it is great. It is clean, friendly, and terrific. I haven't heard a siren since living here (one, but it was a fire truck in the distance). It is just so peaceful. I have just a little bit left to do to finish organizing it and have it really be our home. Minnie loves going outside and sitting in the grass (mainly she eats the grass), I love the new kitchen and am cooking a lot more. Douglas likes having the yard, garage, theatre room, library room... etc. Our new ward is great, everyone is so friendly. I really miss our old ward though, but will soon find my niche in this one.

My knee still hurts pretty bad when I walk. Sitting, laying down, and stairs don't have an effect which my physical therapist finds to be odd. I am hoping that is starts feeling better soon.

I really want to post at least one thing new everyday. Starting today, so this was todays, look forward to tomorrow.

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