14 March 2008

Political Research

During these times when I have NO CLUE who I will be voting for, I have been researching candidates, both the good and bad. Although this bit of information focuses on the bad it in a way disturbs me:

--------Not Written By Me, I Found The Remainder of This Blog-------
Barack Obama's preacher, whom Obama went to and listened to and supported for 20 years, has foolishly made his ranting and raving public. I apologize for his language. No representative, or pretended representative, of God should ever speak this way. But for all those of you who are leaning toward Barack Obama, here's his spiritual advisor:


And here he is again:

Tell me, how can so many Americans ignore his vitrolic, hatred filled rantings and ravings and still vote for Barack Obama when he attended this church for twenty years without seeing a problem with it?

People! Look what you're doing! Do we really want an inexperienced Senator who has let such vitrolic spewings into his mind and heart for twenty years running this nation?

Never mind that he's a socialist, and he is.

Never mind that he's the most liberal, even left of Ted Kennedy, Senator in the history of the Senate.

Never mind that he has no desire for America as she has stood and been fought for for over 200 years to continue.

Okay wait . . . yeah, MIND! How is it possible so many people are supporting him? I'm stunned. Can it be his smile? It's not that great. Can it be his looks? Huh, Denzel has him beat, hands down! (Denzel's smile just does me in every time.) Can it be that he's campaigning on fluff? No, can it?

Stop people! Think. Listen and for God's sake, use the brain the Creator gave you! A vote for Barack Obama is a vote for the destruction of America. If that's what you want, move! Leave the rest of us alone.


Joel McDonald said...

Well, well...so if it isn't high noon!

Obama as a socialist: Please read my post, "Let's talk political extremes used in U.S. politics"

Obama's pastor: I don't agree with everything Obama's home pastor has said. I understand the racial undertones, seeing that the UCC is a prodominatly black activist church. This combined with the church's location in Chicago mixes to create the kind of Pastor Wright is.

However, unlike other churches and denominations, the UCC does not impose it's views on their members and expect what is said from leadership to be followed to the letter. Obama, in response to recent sermons from Wright, said that Wright "has never been my political advisor; he’s been my pastor. And the sermons I heard him preach always related to our obligation to love God and one another, to work on behalf of the poor, and to seek justice at every turn. The statements that Rev. Wright made that are the cause of this controversy were not statements I personally heard him preach while I sat in the pews of Trinity or heard him utter in private conversation", and that Obama, "vehemently disagreed", with Wright's recent statements.

Experience: I don't think inexperienced is the correct term. Less time in Washington, yes; inexperienced, no. I don't see this as a problem. A large percentage of past presidents had 0, that's ZERO, experience in Washington. Obama has a different kind of experience. The man knows the law, used his abilities to work for civil rights and serve as a community organizer, served in his state's senate, and in the Senate of the United States. Though he could have, he didn't seek to become wealthy from his abilities; only to serve his community, his state, and his nation.

Preserving the ideals of America: I think your assertion that Obama, "has no desire for America as she has stood and been fought for for over 200 years to continue", is off base. I'd be interested for you to define that statement based on what he has said, written, and proposed in his Blueprint for Change. What I have seen and heard could not be further from the truth. His love for the foundations of our country is evident in his speeches and his writing. There were portions of "The Audacity of Hope" where I was overwhelmed by this, even to the point of tears.

You can pretty much gather how I feel about the remainder of your statements toward the end of your post, but I will offer a few final thoughts.

1. The differences in proposed policies between Obama and Clinton are minute. In the primary race, the focus has been on character and vision. I think this focus will carry over into the general campaign, but I think the policy differences between McCain and Obama will allow for additional debate on policy differences without people getting lost in the nuance of the minutia.

2. Consider this: It is my considered opinion that Bush was able to win a second term even as the war was increasing in popularity because he did not ask the majority of Americans to sacrifice. From a financial angle, taxes were not raised in a time of war, creating huge deficits and an increase in debt from borrowed funds from other nations such as China. This is connected to the decrease in the value of the dollar and the increase in the price of oil. We can NOT continue these policies and expect our nation to remain solvent. There are a lot of Catch-22's created by current presidential policies, loops of consequences that will only become more apparent without significant change. Many people don't realize the damage that Bush has done, and McCain will continue.

3. Barack Obama is a leader, Clinton is a politician, and McCain is a legacy. Ask yourself this: How is a possible that a man who gave one speech at convention inspired so many to even have his name mentioned on the list of possible candidates before campaigning actually began. How does a man rise from obscurity to match and even exceed the successes of one of the powerful political machine of the Clintons? The answer is simple: leadership. He set the tone, and laid out the vision, and he asked for people to act. In doing so, he has become the only candidate of the people in this race. Sure, every candidate has supporters, but their candidacy is based more on their political connections than the support of the people. Obama is the opposite. Without the support of the people, he would not be where he is now...on the brink of winning the Democratic nomination, without the support of the people.

People are not blindly following Obama because of his charisma. His rhetoric, and the excitement surrounding him has captured the attention of many, leading them to further investigate and understand that Barack Obama is the best candidate to be the next President of the United States of America.

Joel McDonald said...

I just saw this article, and thought I'd append it to my comments.

Barack Obama: On my Faith and my Chuch

amberlina said...


I only wrote the top paragraph, everything else underneath the --- is what I came across and wanted to understand it, so I can't explain why I said those things or wrote them, because I can't. It is my fault that I didn't post the whole post, the videos, you can see the thing in entirey here, and I will edit my post to show the whole thing: http://candacesalima.blogspot.com/

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