29 September 2008

Brought Tears To My Eyes Had To Post

The Day We Lose Our Will To Fight Is The Day We Have Lost Our Freedom

1 comment:

Joel McDonald said...

While I fully believe men and women like him should be commended for their service and their sacrifice, I am frightened by the message of this video. People should not be afraid to question the motives of their government, especially when lives are being sacrificed in support of those motives.

It’s flawed logic to argue that the war can’t be called a mistake due to the sacrifices made there. The war could indeed be a mistake, and the sacrifices made on behalf of our nation honored as well. The men and women who gave their lives did not make the decision on where they would be sent. They served our nation honorably, giving their all, regardless of whether the decision to invade Iraq was correct.

Has some good been accomplished in Iraq? You bet. I watch how our military is working to improve the lives of the Iraqi people. When water is restored to villages and medical care is improved, I am proud of those accomplishments. Still, whether the invasion was a mistake or not is debatable.

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