24 September 2008

A Little Bit of Everything

Happy Birthday little brother! Yes I'm a couple of days late and I'm sure he would say that I was a couple of dollars short as well, you'll get your present soon enough. I'm not sure how I feel about my adorable little baby brother turning 14, yup that's right 14. I remember when I was 14. . . . I thought I was a pretty good child but now that I have my brain back, as my mom says it leaves from the ages of 13 - 22ish, I can see I could have been a lot better. So thanks mom for putting up with me. At the age of 14 I was in eighth grade, totally off topic but doesn't the word eighth look strange, more like a sound like phew or geesh than a number or let alone a word, anyway, back to where I was, 14 in eighth (hehe, new favorite number as it makes me giggle every time I see it) okay seriously now, I was in eighth (ha!) grade when I was fourteen and my cousin Kellie had come to live with us and work for the summer, that was great times. I actually found a picture as I was sorting through them all of us in matching shirts and pants and hair, how fun and cute and young. It was also the year of the infamous "love triangle" which I don't have to go into detail about because if you know anything about me or know me in the slightest you will know this story, if not then your mind can wonder as to how can a 14 year old be involved in a love triangle, yes keep your brains percolating. Oh to be young again, no cares only a few chores here and there. But nothing really major that if you don't do it life will fall apart, that happens when you get married and attempt to be an adult. Oh how I miss being young.

On to more recent events this week has been pretty much mundane so far except a few things I have learned about myself and we have done. I have learned that I
love I mean love these new bands/artists I have found: Stars Go Dim, Kim Taylor, Keren Ann. There are more but I really like this style of music anyone know what "genre" it's in? Yes I like "quotations" they are just "special". Speaking of learning new things and realizing who I am, I went and saw The Women this past Friday. It was interesting. I don't know what to say about it, I really don't. It brought a few interesting ideas to light and had an interesting story line, but at the same time it didn't have a story line at all. But one thing that really stuck out to me was the collage this one character, Kate, did to try to find out what she really wanted and who she really was. She took an empty wall and put the words, What Does Kate Want? on it. Then all around it she hung pictures of what she liked and would want to do. It was very powerful to me and I have been looking for things I like and who I am as an individual. All in all it was a good movie would I watch it again, maybe, will I own it? Probably not. That's about it for this week so far other than we went to a Giants vs. Rockies game last night and I will blog about that on our family blog this evening sometime maybe after I take a nap?

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Kellie...Mom...Hun... said...

When I was reading your post and you said that kenny was turning 14, the first thing I thought was, "I was living with Amber when she was 14!" So it's funny that you would mention that. What a great summer. And I remember taking those pictures! I even remember the shirts, weren't they yellow and brown? Aaah...good memories! Also thanks for the report on the movie. Because we don't have a movie theater here, I'm always interested in what's out and the reviews. I keep a running list of movies we want to see or buy when we come back. I guess The Women will not be one of them! Thanks! Love ya

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