18 September 2008

Decorating Updates

So I have started another project. I want to finish our bedroom I'm tired of living with the white walls and nothing put together. So I have decided one room at a time...

First the bathroom:


Now it is on to the bedroom, just a description of what I would like to do, and little by little it will all get pulled together.

Bed Furniture Set
New Comforter Set
I want to paint the wall behind the wall behind the bed a dark/chocolate brown with wide ivory vertical stripes going the full length of the ceiling to the floor. The other walls I want to paint a tan (the color around the edges of the pillows). I am then going to find one of these to go above the bed:

And then hanging birdcage candle holders (3 of them) to go in a corner next to the bed on the opposite side of the bed where the night stand isn't.

I'm very excited for this, just a little at a time, I can do everything but the paint right now as I'm not too sure how I feel about putting money into paint when it's "not my home" that's why my walls are still pink :/.

♥ Amber ♥

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