30 October 2008

California Rain

I stood in the rain today. I had some nice thoughts as well. I like the rain it makes it feel fresh, new, and alive. For some strange reason it puts me in a cleaning mood. I put some Enya on softly and lit some candles and have done the dishes and cleaned the oven. It was a good day.

Back to the thoughts I had while I was standing in the rain this was after I heard a beautiful arrangement of Nearer My God To Thee I was thinking of traditions and family and came up with some things I hope I can implement into our family one day when we have one:

Family Walks and Hikes
Buy A Live Tree and Decorate it simply and make popcorn garland with cranberries
Make Gingerbread Men/Houses
Make A Wreath
Hang Lights
Celebrate New Years Together with a Home Made Cheesecake
Write Big Moments From That Year or Read From Our Family Journal
Attend The Temple Monthly
Make Family Pizza Every Saturday
Live frugally and teach my children how to do so

I want to make a memory every day and happy ones. I want to do more things and be more active. I know that none of this has to do with the title of my post but I thought it was important to write down those thoughts before I forget them.

Back to the California Rain, it isn't like the rain I grew up with big thunder and lightning. It's a simple rain, as this is the first rain of the season (it hasn't rained since March) it's a cleansing rain. California Rain is simple and peaceful.

One thing I haven't been able to get used to is that in the summer the hills surrounding my home are brown and things are dead, whereas in the winter the trees are changing color and the grass is becoming green. It's amazing and it's beautiful to see so many bold colors at once. I never really have seen the vibrant green grass and the jewel toned leaves together, beautiful simply beautiful.

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    if we pay close attention we will come to realize that no day is the same as another as every morning brings with it a hidden blessing - a sweet morsel to cherish