31 October 2008

All Hallows Eve

I wish I lived closer to my mom, for a lot of reasons, but today I have a want to make a wreath a cute Halloweenie wreath, a fun Thanksgiving wreath, a snowtastically beautiful Christmas wreath. The only problem with this is living in the blessed state of California where no matter how much moo-lah you spend you are still without a decent area for storage. And the other problem I don't know how to do this type of stuff or have the supplies to do so (this is where the living next to my mom comes in).

I also think I should/want to buy a large terracotta and start my own herb garden, wouldn't it be cute, fresh, cheaper, and fun. I want to implement different things into my life that I have never done. This weekend I think I'm going to go through the *hords of stuff I need to scrapbook* containers and throw away and put into albums etc.

There are two large containers of candy sitting on my stairs, I sure hope the little children come by so I can give it all away or else my bosses family will be getting a large donation of sugar, I'm sure they will love me for that.

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