01 October 2008

Giants vs. Rockies

So I know I promised this post a few days ago, things have been a little crazy with life that I haven't even had time to hardly check my e-mail. I give all you mothers cyber hugs as I know that right now I can't even keep up with my own life let alone that of more than myself. On the 23rd of September we went to go see the San Francisco Giants vs. Colorado Rockies game once again thanks to Mike. We had wonderful seats and had a great time. Douglas and I went and had two extra tickets so we brought along Don and Dawn, no there was no confusion (okay maybe just a little). Don is one of Douglas' co-workers and Dawn is my side kick, sister separated from birth, best friend whatever you want to call it. It was an absolute blast. We had DELICIOUS garlic fries, polish kraut dogs, and just enjoyed each other. Here are a few pictures from our amazing seats.

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