01 October 2008

Hubs New Habit

He probably wouldn't call it a habit but I am since it seems to be happening more often than not. As a little back story:

Douglas came home one day a few weeks ago when he was riding his motorcycle to work he had thought that he had an itch/tickle on his chest and went up and scratched it and it ended up a bee had gotten caught in his chest hair while he was riding and when he went up to scratch the tickle it stung him. He had this funny swollen mass on his chest for a while but then it healed and it was fine. Then on Monday he was at work and felt something on his right elbow and went up to brush if off thinking it was just a fly... yup you guessed it, it was another bee and now my poor husband looks like this...
It is painful and swollen and he can barely do anything that might require the use of two hands, I know I have been teasing him about it a lot lately but I wish I could make the pain and swelling go away for him. It will be okay in a couple of days but the main big problem is he has a motorcycle riding class tomorrow and that's his clutch hand, he can't even barley move his fingers in a curled posistion - that's not that worst part, he has to also be wearing leather gloves, so I suppose we will be buying a big set and a little set. So there's the story my husband swells up like a balloon when he gets stung, and it seems to be happening a lot more than it should.I mean i was stung once in 2nd grade at recess by a yellow jacket and haven't been since.

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