05 November 2008

The Day After

The signs are being taken down.

People are hanging their heads in defeat while others are holding their heads high in celebrations.

I've read the posts on celebrations and the posts on defeat, I have my feet planted in this new world and I hope and pray for the best.

It's over. It's finally over.

And that's all I'm saying in regards to the 2008 Election, for now anyway.

Moving along, hubs and I celebrated Christmas in November! We couldn't help ourselves.



I'm in love. I didn't know it was possible to be in love with an object - yes it is. I couldn't stop smiling and I couldn't pull myself away to go to bed. It was a great Christmas. Now I just need to figure out with to do with my other TV, and now I need another DVD player... hmmm.

1 comment:

Carrisa said...

I'm in love with your Christmas in November as well. If I play my cards right, I too will be getting a big flat screen tv for Christmas.

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