06 November 2008

Where I Grew Up

I've been thinking about home for a little while now. Not my grown-up adult home, but the home I lived in as a child the one in Sharpsburg. The thing is yes my address was in the Sharpsburg zip and so was my High School - but I love the town of Newnan it has to be one of my favorite towns, which is why I love my current town as they are so similar (except the fact that one is on the east coast and the other on the west).

The City of Newnan is named for General Daniel Newnan who was a General for the Confederate Army out of North Carolina. This great town was established in 1828 and is now referred to as the City of Homes (we'll get to that later).

When my family moved to the city from Oklahoma in 1991 the population was around 10,000 people. There were no major intersections like there are now and you had to drive quite a ways to even get to the only store in town, the regular sized Wal-Mart (which has now been turned into a Big Lots when they built the Super Wal-Mart). It's a place where you just feel happy being. People are always smiling and friendly - always happy to see you even when they don't know who you are. This is where I attended Elementary, Middle, and High School. I loved it here. I remember in Fifth Grade we went on a tour of the architecture in Newnan (it's known for it's pre-civil war beauty). It was on this tour that I 'got' my first boyfriend and where I knew that I was one day going to own this house.
This is known as the Susie house, and I still one day would love to own this house. I learned that in the 1800's you were taxed by how many floors your home had so this house has an exceptionally tall 2nd floor and little windows in the attic, so people would think it was just a 2 story home, but it wasn't. The upstairs is just as big as the first floor. I was so fascinated with this house - the interior is all hand painted including the fat naked babies on the ceiling. This home is something that if I had a billion dollars I would buy. It's amazing that all the beautiful homes are still standing. Newnan was home to the hospitals for wounded soldiers during the Civil War, many homes were makeshift units where soldiers could recover.

The Novel "Murder In Coweta County" was based off of a true story from this county. Many movies have been filmed and books written about the history of Coweta County/Newnan. Including:

Many notable people have lived in this little homely town as well, and some of them still do:
  • Ellis Arnall, Governor of Georgia (1943-1947)
  • Hamilton Bohannon, Record Producer/Musician
  • Keith Brooking, Atlanta Falcons linebacker
  • Jerome Walton, Former MLB and 1989 MLB Rookie of the Year Award Winner
  • Lewis Grizzard, author
  • Alan Jackson, Country Music Star
  • Joe M. Jackson, USAF Colonel
  • Stephen W. Pless USMC Major
  • Jefferson Randolph "Soapy" Smith II, Infamous 19th century gambler, confidence man, and crime boss
  • Doug Stone, Country Music Star
  • Steve Young, Pioneer country rock musician
I miss this town. I miss the storms. I miss Hurricane season. I miss the way everything changes to a neon/cool green after it rains and the sun starts to come back out. I miss the trees. I miss the people. I miss the steam rising from the ground on a hot summer morning. I miss the smell.

I miss that little town and even though it's not so little, and it's not my town any more. It will always have a special place in my heart and I miss it. It will always be my little town, where I grew up and once lived.

What do you miss about where you grew up? Or how have you found ways to bring it with you?

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