19 December 2008

Piano, Palm Trees, and Snow

It's been awhile since I last posted I keep meaning to and then life tends to get in the way, so then I decided when I download my SD card on the computer I'll post then - thus life got in the way again, so here I am posting without any pictures. So the updating will consist of the following, hope you enjoy....

Hubs and I are both now in Primary, him as the teacher of the CTR 7s and myself as the Primary Pianist, that's right you heard me correctly, Primary Pianist. I'm very excited and know that it will be a growth period of time in my piano playing skills. Hubs thinks that I was called to keep an eye on him... if only he knew. Needless to say I'm sad to be leaving my calling as music coordinator in Relief Society but ready to embark on a new challenge.

It was great on my way to work the other morning *maybe more weird than great* I saw snow on the hills, it didn't last long, but it was there, isn't that all that matters? It was strange to see Palm Trees and snow all in one view...

Now on to other items, I believe that we (Hubs, myself, Shannon, Davey) are going to get ourselves some bowling shirts we went bowling the other night and throughly enjoyed it, we're not the best bowlers but we sure do have fun together! *I have pictures to post of this but I needed to update so therefore the lack of photos*.

We're getting really excited for Christmas *probably more me than my husband* we are going to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning with my family in Nevada and then Friday and Saturday with Hubs Mother in Utah, maybe Horseback riding, that makes me happy. Mainly I just want my iPod.... I'm doing fine without it but I really would like it.

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