02 December 2008

Another Day Goes By

I'm home. I'm finally home. I never thought I would be, not saying that I didn't enjoy visiting with my family because I more than certainly did, it's just good to be home. It was good Thanksgiving I didn't take but a couple of pictures as my camera battery died. But when I get the time I'll upload the ones that I have and post them. Life is good - a little plain - but good. Work is well work, I still enjoy it which is a good thing as some days I wonder about some people.

I. love. my. Zune. only when it's having good days. It's been resetting itself after the *so-called update* and doesn't remember where it was and in general it's being cranky, so when I get home tonight I think I'm going to un-install my software and then re-install it and see if that helps, it also doesn't play podcasts which is a little annoying so that's another problem to figure out.

California, what an interesting place to live. I'm getting used to it, however I'm not made for this state. I would love to live close to my family but don't think that will happen any time soon. Hubs has made it clear that if I said tomorrow, "Lets pack up and move to Georgia tomorrow" he would be packed before I finished saying it. I think in about a year it will be time for a change a new chapter a new move.

On to other things, VACATION. Guess who is going to Hawaii in March for 11 days?!?! Yup, that is right it is me and Hubs! I'm very excited, a little nervous but very excited. We got a great deal with Hawaiian Air. Before we go I'm hoping to be down about 30 pounds (I'll keep you updated). I know that I'm *allergic* to carbohydrates, isn't that joyful? But I actually feel so much better and have lost some weight by not eating them like I used to. I have maybe up to 50g per day but that's about it mostly it's just meat, cheese, and veggies that I eat.

Not too much to update on today, just wanted to give a little view into our life today.

*Sweet Morsel: Cuddling, oh and hooking up my new Blu-Ray player, I'm in love it's official.... yes with my husband and tv/blu-ray*

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Dixie and Drew said...

Amber, hey girl!!!! How are you???? So you live in Cali???? That is cool. We have to catch up. It has been a long time. How did you find my blog? I am glad you found me!!!! Talk to ya soon!!!

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