22 January 2009

Todays Incident

Today it happened. My very first car accident. (other than that one time when I was 16). And of course it couldn't just be any old normal accident it had to be one where the hittee left. To spare you the details I was driving and this car hit the side of me. We both pulled over. I attempted to get out - but was stopped by the non-functioning crumpled in door. I proceeded to climb over the console and passenger seat to remove my self from the car. The girl asked me where my dent was (did she not just see me get out of the car)? She asked if she could just write me a check because she didn't have any insurance, I told her no, sorry. I called CHP and she drove off - I hope they find her. This is the really really short version of the whole story. But I am okay - the car you ask? Not so much. Needs new drivers side front door, new right front fender, new rim, adjust suspension, and re-alignment. I'll hopefully have it back in 4-5 working days, until then I am crusing around in a brand new Pontiac G6 - I'm really kinda liking this car, think they would be interested in a trade?

I also have been suffering from something pulled, not aligned right in my back. I can barely turn my head and my shoulder and arm are killing me (my arm tends to go numb every now and then) so I have an appointment with my chiropractor today, so we'll see how that goes.

As a side note, we were at dinner (our regular bowling night with the Husaks) and there was this family at first I thought, how cute! Mom, dad, and 4 year old son out for a nice family dinner. Well what I saw shocked me. They talked to him for maybe a few minutes and then as soon as his food came they pulled out a DVD player, put headphones on him and let him be. Not talking to him once. I almost started to cry, I mean really? People wonder what's wrong with their kids, it's your KID! Have you ever thought about a little love and communication? It still just boggles my mind.

I hope ya'lls day has been better than mine, don't worry I'll post some car pictures as soon as I download them when I get home. Oh, how did bowling go? Well my husband the expert bowler did a 146 and I got a 52, yup that's right both games 52 one of the only strikes I had I bowled left handed, maybe I should be a lefty?


Kellie said...

I'm so sorry you had an accident and I CANNOT believe that the girl left! Were you just shocked and so angry?! I just can't imagine doing that--what's wrong with people? Where has all the honesty gone? I'm glad your..sorta okay. I hope your dr. appointment went well!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear that you were in an accident. That is so wrong of the other driver to drive off. Good luck on getting your car fixed or a new one.

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