06 February 2009

Yes, It Is

It is true, I am now scared to drive in the rain, or even if there is just water on the ground from a past rain. I grew up driving in torrential downpours, hurricane leftovers, drizzles, and any other type of rainfall you can think up, but as I started to drive to work this morning in a light shower, I was fearful. Probably not as fearful of the rain but more of the other people around me that are driving in it as well.

The other day on my way home I would swear I was driving next to Randy Jackson, if I hadn't of known better I would bet the farm that it was.

Dear Sick Stuff that is lodged in the back of my throat,

Could you please remove yourself because it's hard to breathe and swallow. Once you go away I will feel much better.

Signed, The host for your virus amusements

1 comment:

Sara Bonds said...

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