10 April 2009


I am new to this whole world of photography, but I am finding I am really enjoying it! I took this picture of my nephew:

And then edited with CS4 to get this:

It is very yellow and bright - how can I keep the brightness of the eyes without brigthening his whole face? I don't have a nice camera yet and have just started with editing - so I just use the normal factory settings on my little pocket sized Olympus (I know some of you are cringing...) one day I hope to have a Nikon...soon.

Thanks for the help!


This is what I ended up with after using all of the wonderful advice I received!


Mrs. MadGenius said...

First thing I did when I edited the photo, was play around with the curves (I use paint shop pro, though I believe photoshop has the same function.) I wanted the eyes and lips to really stand out. (it's an adorable little pout =D ) The first edit I made (found here on the left) was too blue for my liking, so I used the auto color balance to restore some of the warmth. In your edit the auto color balance could be used to tone down some of the yellow while keeping the blue bright.

Amber said...

That looks great! I also have PSPX2 as well. I just got CS4 but I'm thinking I might just stick with PSP. Thanks for the advice I'll have to try it.

drewmark19 said...

I like how you brightened the eyes and made the eyes pop. I think the focus on both the lips and the eyes may be a bit distracting for me. I tend to focus on one or the other. Have you tried selecting only the eyes to sharpen them, adjust color, etc.? Then you wouldn't have to worry about yellow taking over in the pic. You could probably do a color curves adjustment or hue adjustment layer to get rid of some of the yellow. Oh, I also wanted to say...good crop. It got rid of the distracting elements and brought the attention to this angelic little boy!

Connie said...

I have an Olympus SLR and I love it. So when you get your nikon it will be a whole new world, but those little point and shoot camera's can be pretty amazing too. Try taking it off auto and play with the settings a bit. I just have the adobe photoshop elements, but I love playing with the saturation and temperature I am not sure if that would help you but worth a try. I also love the crop it really help focus on what was most important in the picture. You're doing great just keep playin and you will be a pro in no time. I wish I had more time to play like that, I too love the editing it is amazing what you can do.

AJ said...

Your sooc is awesome. Just a little cool and a little underexposed.

I would do two curves adjustments. First, raise the middle of the curve until it's a little brighter. Second, make a teeny "s" curve. That will saturate things slightly and increase the contrast. Sharpen for print (200/.3/4) and you're done.

If you really want to concentrate on the eyes you can select them and do a CTRL J to put just the eyes on a new layer. Change the blending type to screen. Erase everything except his pupils. Change the opacity to around 23%. Sharpen 400/.3/4. Flatten.

I don't think you'll need it here though. He's got great catchlights already!


theArthurClan said...

You've gotten some wonderful advice here...wow!

Where is head is in the crop seems strange to me. I was thinking it might look better if you had his head over to the left more and then his teddy bear would be showing more as well. You can always burn out the distracting details on the right of the photo.

Just an idea you might want to try. :)

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