30 April 2009

Jumbled Mind

So much is going through my mind! So many things I want to post about! I just finished eating a bowl of cornflakes for dinner, have my feet propped up on the coffee table {which is hardly used for anything other than a clutter collector} while watching House Hunters... I've been in love with the idea of owning my own home - paying rent to myself is a grand thought to me lately. So Douglas and I have seriously started thinking about moving. Nothing too serious just looking around and seeing what's what and getting my hopes up {I shouldn't do that to myself, but I always do}.

I have found myself befriending people that I don't even know, finding way cool blogs for house design {see above if confused}, enjoying other peoples lives far more than I should - but I guess that's what happens when you engross yourself into the blogging world. But I love it! I know I've said it a bazillion times - but it's true. I feel like I get to know these people and it's always great to see such good people in the world especially when you live in an area where you don't get to see the good in people a lot of the time {don't get scared, I just live in a really busy place where people don't tend to see the people around them}. I find the story of MckMama quite fascinating and now I feel a part of the MckFamily {along with millions of other peoples around the world} - her children are adorable and Stellans story is amazing, what a strong little boy.

Onto a totally off the wall topic: American Idol. Have I ever posted about AI? No, probably not. But there is a first time for everything right? My point in doing this mainly is to let the world know my favorite this season is: Allison Iraheta. I love this girl - her voice is amazing. Maybe I'm just drawn to the P!nk, Stevie Nicks raspy strong voice. But she is {insert positive attitude here}. I was happy to see her in the top two this week instead of the bottom 3. My next pick would have to be Kris Allen. Well I'm not really a fan of Danny Gokey or Adam Lambert {I know most of the world is screaming at me right now, but it's true} he's talented and has a good voice just too... I don't know the word, I just don't like him very much.

*Reaches in hat and pulls out another topic* *Drum Roll Please*

Cleaning.... gah cleaning. Is anyone else as annoyed with this chore that never goes away? I'm always cleaning something {maybe it's my OCD no I'm not just saying it I really do have it, at least everyone tells me I do} but it never stops, always cleaning. So I've adapted the Real Simple Periodic Table of Cleaning to my life. I'm starting May 1 - which is tomorrow, why tomorrow not today? I don't feel like it today, there's always tomorrow, right? I'll let you know how this goes. As far as the schedule is going from last post - it's going well, except I have been so tired lately that I have been doing the running in the evening and pilates stretches in the morning.

My last topic for the night is everyones obsession with comparing Harry Potter to Twilight this little Harry vs. Edward feud is absurd {to put it lightly}. You can't compare the two - Wizards and Vampires cannot be compared I'm sorry can't do it, isn't possible, just morally wrong. Okay, maybe not morally wrong but really people? Come on now. {Even if you could we all know that Edward would kick Harrys heiny}, that's not comparing that's being realistic and honest.

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