27 April 2009

Schedule, Me? Really? Yes, Really.

One of those weeks, it's going to be I can just feel it {that sounded a little yoda-ish}! Minnie is running around the house like a mad-woman meowing for no reason... anyway. I've sketched out a new {more permanent} blog design, I've got to get to work on it. So it will be on it's way soon. The only thing I wanted to accomplish this weekend was writing in my planner my schedule, yes I do need to treat myself like a toddler in order to accomplish anything. So I figure if I post it for the whole world to see maybe {just maybe} I will be able to stick with it. So here it goes:

5:00am - Wake up, say prayers
5:10am - Stretch and Run for 30 mins
5:40am - Eat Breakfast, Get Ready
6:15am - Leave for Work

7:00am - Work
9:00am - Practice Piano for 15 min break
10:00am - Snack {Fruit/Cheese}
11:00am - Lunch {Fish/Chicken, Veggies}
1:00pm - Snack {Crackers/Cheese}
3:30pm - Leave Work

4:15pm - Chiropractor Appointment {Tuesdays/Thursdays}
5:00pm - Pilates for 40min
5:40pm - Clean according to daily schedule
6:00pm - Watch TV
7:30pm - Cook Dinner {Wednesday Nights Yoga for an 1.5 hours}
8:30pm - Watch Movie/Play Games with Husband
9:30pm - Read Book, Read Scriptures, Prayers, Bed
11:00pm - Bed Time

There is my rough schedule outline. I also need to cram in there some photo editing/photography class/blogging/picture taking time. Look for the new blog design by Sunday night! Have a great beginning of the week!


Anonymous said...

Holy mother of fruitcakes, you get up at 5 a.m.?

I don't know whether to cry for you or be in awe of you. Maybe both?

Anonymous said...

That's one busy schedule. Wow!!!! I am impressed.

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