10 July 2009

Scars & Pickle Skin

The other day while sitting out poolside with Cinderella reading, I noticed that I had a lot of scars, it got me thinking about where they all came from, what caused them, and the memories behind them. I am grateful to my scars, for without them I would probably forget a lot of things that I have experienced, my memory is horrible, but a rush of things I thought I had forgotten came rushing back as I studied my scars.

  • A Jelly Fish stung my foot when I was 9 {of course this was before I was SCUBA certified - so snorkeling it was} in Panama City, FL, I honestly thought I was going to die. I remember the morning before my parents just woke me up and said we were leaving and I could sleep in the car, we drove forever no one telling me where we were going and we ended up in PC. I was so excited, it had to be one of the best trips and vacations I think I can remember. But I'll never forget the pain and my dad thinking I was crazy screaming for no reason in the middle of the ocean.
  • I have one on my left thigh from scraping up against Fire Corral while participating in my certification dives in Okinawa, Japan. That one was painful, but the image of underwater when it happened is ingrained in my brain, probably the most beautiful place I've ever dove.
  • On my left knee I have a large California shaped scar from when I was 11 riding one of those dangerous Big Wheels down the large hill in our subdivision. I was standing on the back when I slipped and was dragged down the hill. I remember I had just learned the words 'dermis' and 'epidermis' in school and kept telling people that I had ripped off my epidermis. I was such a dork. :)
  • On my right shin is the scars from my freshman year of highschool. We stayed at the Marriott in Atlanta before our state competition {Top/Coach didn't want anyone to be at any risk for not showing up} and we were all at the pool and hot tub and I got pulled into the hot tub and the rocks scrapped my shin. Good friends, good times. I wish I could find some of the members from the team that year that I have lost contact with.
  • I have a scar right underneath my bottom lip from when I was 2 {i think}, I was standing in my highchair watching the popcorn pop in one of the old school popcorn poppers and got excited, slipped, and fell - on the way down I pushed my tooth through my lip. A while after that I was in Wal-Mart playing on the metal railing dividers {mom always told me not to, I apparently never listen} and busted it open again, putting my tooth through it yet one more time.
  • One of the most recent scars I have is now right above my foot on my right shin. This would be from snorkeling in Hawaii in March. The lava rock on the beach going out and coming in cuts you up pretty bad if you're not careful. I'm not used to beach entries into the ocean, that's a benefit of diving off boats, you just jump in, although if you read above you can still get scars.
There are many many more scars that I have but I am indeed thankful for them, for helping me to remember little pieces and memories of my life.

Completely random but I feel the need to share, I don't like pickle skin. I LOVE pickles but would much rather scoop out the pickles innerds and not eat the skin. I know I'm strange...

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Herb of Grace said...

Hey, thanks so much for the hints on my Fix-it Friday photo! I love the way you cropped and tilted it, in particular. It adds just a touch of sass :)

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