01 July 2009

{Yes It's True}

I really am actually writing something on my blog instead of just posting edited photos {which soon will be more and more, so get used to it!}. This has been an interesting month to say the least, nothing interesting to write about just interesting. I have however created a grab & share button that you can post on your blog to link back to me, it is in the column to the right about halfway down. I'm now working on making my blog more uniformed and complete, hopefully soon to be moving to www.disguisedblessings.com/net not sure which way to go as of yet. I'm also working on updating the recipes as well as the book websites, make them a little more cohesive. Included also in all this also-ing I seem to be doing, will be a giveaway that I'm working on, so be sure to stay "moused in" {yes, that was a little well... moving on} for that.

My home laptop isn't able to keep up with me as recently I usually have Adobe Photoshop, PSPX2, iTunes, Firefox, Adobe Fireworks open at the same time now that I've started to take lessons/classes and really learn about digital imaging and editing. {I still have a long way to go, but I have learned I really love doing it}. So my wonderful husband purchased.....

{SPECS: Intel Duo T6600 2.2GHz 2MCache, 64 Bit Vista (soon to be upgraded to Win 7), 4GB DDR2 M @ 800MHz, Back Lit Keyboard, Bright 17 WLED Hi Res Display, Radeon HD 3650 Graphics, 320GB HD,}

At first I was really concerned about getting a Dell, but the more reviews I read I think it will be okay, and a lot better than the HP. I wouldn't go the HP route again, they make great printers but there computers really aren't competitive. So I hope it works fantastically, cause I'm so super excited to get it!

This past weekend we went to Raito night at the A's game, it was a ton of fun - and I got to meet more of the great people my husband works with, the Rockies won! Super exciting. I think it's a little odd though how I think I have seen more Rockies games here in Cali than I have Braves games while I was growing up in GA... I also helped Cinderella move into her new home, I'm so happy for her, and think it will be great - not to mention closer to me :) I also, finally, saw Confessions of a Shopaholic - F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.! I know I had to go into it thinking that it was going to be different from the books, which it was but at the same time the dialouge was exactly how Sophie Kinsella wrote it/would have writtin it. This weekend we are off to NV for the Fourth!

Just as another side note, came across this website and love it, pure love! It makes me even more excited about VTing! Great ideas. There is also a link button to it on the right hand side as well.

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Kestrel said...

I love, love love my Dell. My old Dell lasted for 5 years of heavy abuse before it finally disintegrated. My HP lasted about a year before it started going fritzy. I'm on a newer Dell now and I am still so glad every day that I got one. I hated that HP!

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