24 December 2009

2009 In review

I can’t believe that this year has just flown by! What have we done this year? I started this last year and thought I would keep it up, but change it a little bit – one year I’ll get it the way I want. So let’s get started:

Can you believe it, I don’t have any pictures from January? It was probably because this was when I found my interest in photography. I started visiting websites, reading books, going to the library – to try and learn all that I could on the topic and started experimenting here and there (I can’t believe that was a year ago). I also was involved in my hit-and-run accident on the interstate, experienced my first Jury Duty, and fell in love with Real Simple magazine.


Was a fun Valentines Day in which our love for Guitar Hero Band developed.

We went and visited Mr. B’s parents in wonderful Kauai, Hawaii – where I want to go back to again this upcoming year sometime. Enjoy some pictures….
Kauai 200
Saw and Emu Ceremony – Delicious Dinner and Fascinating Ceremony
Kauai 108
Chickens, Chickens, Chickens…. Everywhere – don’t worry I won’t post all gazillion pictures I took of them.
Kauai 104
Saw many a waterfall – they were beautiful!
Enjoyed time together on glorious beaches.
Kauai 040
Enjoyed interesting Graffiti.
 Kauai 032
Had the best Fish & Chips in the world, along with a great view….
Kauai 031  
Kauai 038
Went Deep Sea Fishing, where Mr. B caught a fish
Kauai 042
Kauai 050
Which we had for dinner… (it was an Amberjack and it was delish!)
Kauai 142
Saw Beautiful Lighthouses

Kauai 005 Kauai 009 Kauai 025 Kauai 026
Picked Bananas
And enjoyed our stay at Mr.B’s parents home, and our visit!


Saw Jeff Dunham Live – it was fantastic!

Thought we would buy a house out in the sticks, so we spent quite a lot of time in the eastern side of our state.

We got our first fish, Xavier our Betta.

Giants Game

Had great seats at a Giants game! (went to several this year)
20090721_62 1
Went to my cousins wedding in Rexburg, ID
20090721_137 1  
Had fun times at our family re-union, to include when my sister was extreme egged!

001 FHDR
Visited my family in Nevada, and played tons of Pinochle
Saw incredible sunsets!
019 F VIN
Watched my brother play football
031 F BW
Had fun at dads work fair (literally, it was a fair)
I took some of my sisters senior photos
055 Cinna 

428 Seventies
456 Sign Alter 1

010 F
I started working on things around the house, to personalize it a little, and started to get in touch with my crafty bone


The only thing that really happened this month except for our mundane day to day life – was we got our Blackberry’s or as Mr. B refers to them – his blueberry (even though his phone is actually black, my should be a raspberry in that case).

Went back to Nevada and had our family pictures done.

 003 008 Tree 1 
We had our first Christmas tree, since this is the first year we have actually been home for Christmas, together. It is also my first REAL tree so I’m excited about that and am enjoying the wintry evergreen scent. 
  033 039 test
We played games and just enjoyed each others company. (I had to post that picture of my mother, as I love the natural beauty of it and that she has).

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone and lets look forward to a new fantastic year!

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