14 December 2009

Whirlwind Of A day

What a day…. started off well – got to work on time, started doing my typical daytime routine. Then the Firewall Box I’ve been waiting on for the past three weeks came – so I set it up and plugged it in, and it just said I need to have it authorized – so I called the “Help Desk” so they could authorize it, so to make a really incredibly long story short – 5 hours later it was ‘authorized’. Do you know what kept me going today? Well, it was the fact that when UPS comes to our neighborhood every night (which they have been doing for the past month) around 6:30pm I would have this little wonderful new addition to our family in my hands

Except, it was delivered at 2:30!?! What?!? Why?!? For the past 2 years that we have lived here, the UPS man only has ever come after 6pm – except for the first time that I needed something delivered to me that I was looking soooo forward to – oh well life goes on right? So I called the ‘Customer Service Center’ and they said I could come pick it up at 7:30pm – so my excitement stayed, until….

We showed up at 7:28 and eagerly awaited the opening of the doors, only to be told that the driver hadn’t returned yet and it would be a couple more hours before he got back. So now I’m in this sad little funk – and tried to get out of it by cleaning (which I feel I have so much to do) I really need to figure out how to stop feeling overwhelmed all the time. I’m not perfect nor will I probably ever be, but for some reason I feel I need to have everything perfect and in it’s designated place at all times.

I think I’ll ask for a maid for Christmas *hint, hint*

Have a wonderful evening, and hopefully my little friend will be available for pick up tomorrow!

1 comment:

Mecham Family said...

i'm so jealous! we have our little $200 canon. :(

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