13 December 2009

Yes It’s Time For An Update

So it has been a long time coming. Two months has gone by and I haven’t posted anything of importance. So here is our life for the past two months! Towards the end of November we left for Nevada to spend the Thanksgiving holidays with my parents. It was quite chilly and snowy in the Sierras – but we did see plenty of strange things to keep up entertained while we were driving at 20mph with chains on our tires and my bladder about to burst (HINT: If you know you’re going to have chains on your tires and bumping up and down USE the restroom first!). One of the funniest things we saw was a BMW was stuck (they didn’t put their chains on) and who was pushing this car? A skinny little male wearing a rainbow speedo and Doc Marten boots – yes ladies and gents that’s ALL he was wearing, so we finally made it only for me to realize that I had forgotten to charge my little cameras battery. So here are a few images from the trip – we had family pictures taken and my mom and I attempted to make a wreath that should have only taken us about an hour to make but really took us closer to 4 hours!


I would love to make the last one a big canvas for my parents except I’m not so sure of my brothers face, yet he always looks like that so I’m not sure…. Shall we venture to the wreath making fiasco?!


Wreath 1
First, collect many different ornaments – my mom and I learned the hard way NOT TO use Glass ornaments. You untwist the top of a hanger and shape into a circle. Before you begin you also need to hot glue the little tops on to the ornament so it will help them to NOT pop off. Then begin stringing…
Wreath 2
Wreath 4
After you string, and re-string, and re-string, and re-string you will finally get fed up and then just shove them on the hanger in no particular order, some will break and shatter because you did not use shatter-proof ornaments but it will end up looking somewhat like this…
 Wreath 3

(I am so happy to get my new SLR tomorrow so I can have really good quality pictures to take and use, after I figure out how to use it of course!)

We also went shooting which is a great family outing for us, we enjoy it and well, I’ll be honest I LOVE IT!
Shooting 1 Shooting 2 Shooting 3 Shooting 4
I think Mr. B enjoyed it as well – my sister was a little tired because she claimed I woke her up. That rifle happens to be my very favorite – EVER.

We also drove out to Utah and spent some time with Mr.B’s mom and her horses, they are beautiful and so friendly – Sir Knight, Dot, Belle Star, and Dolly. I’ve been on horses before but just trail horses, and I’m kind of scared of them as every time I’m around a horse it seems they like to trample on my and/or roll over on me. But I rod Dolly bare back to get used to them and I’m excited to go back out again to ride and get to know them better.

We headed back home after a wonderful Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping – which I love to do, but only in the middle of nowhere NV where there isn’t a TON of people pushing and shoving. After arriving home we started to really invest in our new ‘family hobby’ of being fish tank owners and chemistry majors. Who knew that if you have fish you end up learning about biology and chemistry, and have to do tests?! Here is an image of my Betta, Xavier. He co-habitats with Pierre our Bamboo Shrimp and Zippy our Zebra Danio. I will post pictures of the other two as soon as I get some as Pierre is molting and won’t come out of hiding and Zippy is too fast to take a picture of right now.
Fish 1
The little dots that look like salt? Yup, that’s the parasite, Ich. But it is going away now with some Organic Medicine that we have been medicating the tank with – I think we bought a fish that was sick and/or infected with them. She has since died and now our fish have Ich, but not for long. It’s funny because Minnie now craves more attention because I believe she knows that she isn’t the only pet anymore… but she still gets plenty of love, whether she thinks so or not.

That is all I can think of updating at the moment, but there will be more regular updates, especially as I am getting my new SLR in the mail tomorrow!!!! Woo Hoo! Have a great week and I’ll be back sooner than I was the last time.


Mecham Family said...

we love your photography!! you have quite a talent.... miss u

Kestrel said...

I would KILL to ride bare-back. No, seriously. I would kill. So, so jealous.

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